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Linkable Linear Light L821

Linkable Linear Light L821

  • Light source:

  • Power:

    20W/30W l 40W/60W l 60W/80W

  • Input voltage:

    AC220-240V 50/60Hz

  • Color temperature:


  • Beam angle:

    60*100/90*105°/Asymmetric/Double Asymmetric

  • Appearance size:

    L580*W50*H64mm / L1148*W50*H64mm / L1435*W50*H64mm

  • Aperture size:


  • Texture of material:

    Aluminum + PMMA

  • Color:

    White / Black / Silver

Product introduction


  1. Ideal replacement for troffer light, tube light, tri-proof light, panel light, etc.
  2. Using international brands LEDIL lens in high brand value, together with superior heat sink design, increase light utilization rate, exhibit perfect lighting effect with high efficacy
  3. Different light distribution, meets different applications’ requirements. Rectangular beam distribution, decreases light waste.
  4. LED, using the straight line distribution, well compatible with the series power, the series light effect products
  5. Seamless connection, easy to connect without any tool, reduced replacement and maintenance costs
  6. 0-10V/DALI dimming for option
  7. Low UGR<19 optional
  8. Healthy & Green & Energy saving




Office, shopping center, hotel, corridor, hospital, workshop, indoor parking lots etc.

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