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T8  LED Tube Lights

T8 LED Tube Lights

  • Light source:

  • Power:


  • Input voltage:

    AC100-240V 50/60Hz

  • Color temperature:


  • Beam angle:


  • Appearance size:


  • Aperture size:

  • Texture of material:

    Aluminum + PC

  • Color:


Product introduction

Specification of T8 LED Linear Tube lights

Part No. Size(mm) Color Power  Lumen/W


 Lumens/W  (clear) PF CRI
LS-11-LLF-T8-06-10W  60cm 3000K-6000K  10W  120lm/W  125lm/W >0.9 >80Ra
LS-11-LLF-T8-06-10W  60cm 3000K-6000K  10W  150lm/W  165lm/W >0.9 >80Ra
LS-11-LLF-T8-12-18W  120cm 3000K-6000K  18W  120lm/W  135lm/W >0.9 >80Ra
LS-11-LLF-T8-12-18W  120cm 3000K-6000K  18W  150lm/W  165lm/W >0.9 >80Ra
LS-11-LLF-T8-12-22W  120cm 3000K-6000K  22W  120lm/W  135lm/W >0.9 >80Ra
LS-11-LLF-T8-12-22W  120cm 3000K-6000K  22W  150lm/W  165lm/W >0.9 >80Ra
LS-11-LLF-T8-15-25W  150cm 3000K-6000K  25W  120lm/W  135lm/W >0.9 >80Ra
LS-11-LLF-T8-15-25W  150cm 3000K-6000K  25W  150lm/W  165lm/W >0.9 >80Ra
LS-11-LLF-T8-15-30W  150cm 3000K-6000K  30W  120lm/W  135lm/W >0.9 >80Ra
LS-11-LLF-T8-15-30W  150cm 3000K-6000K  30W  140lm/W  155lm/W >0.9 >80Ra

For T8 linear LED tube light, we do high quality & high lumens LED lighting project solution which are not used for common wholesale, if you're interested, kindly enquiry us and then quote.

Features of T8 LED Batten Linear Tube Lights

Product Brand: Luxsky Lighting

Part No.: LS-11-LLF-T8-06;LS-11-LLF-T8-12;LS-11-LLF-T8-15;

LED Type: 2835 High Lumens SMD, Epistar, San'an chip

LED Color: 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K available

Materials: 6063 Aluminum boday and high lumen transparent PC cover

Size(mm): 0.6m, 1.2m , 1.5m


Input Voltage: AC100-240V

Lumens efficency:>120lm/W

CRI >80Ra for normal; CRI>90Ra 0r CRI>95 for customized,

LED driver Extral, PF>0.9,

LED Lens: Milky/Frosted cover; Clear cover

High quality, high lumens, Eco-friendly, power-energy 50%;

Tube input with two ends; one is + and one is -;

IP Rate: IP40

IK rate: IK08

Functions: Emergency, Motion sensor, IP65 solutions can be offered

CE and RoHs certificates

Warranty: 3 years

Size Drawing of T8 LED Tube Lamps:

LED T8 tube 60cm T8 LED Tube Lights 0.6M
LED T8 tube 120cm T8 LED Tube Lights 1.2M
LED T8 tube 150cm T8 LED Tube Lights 1.5M

Application of LED Tube Lamps T8:

LED T8 Tube Lights are mostly used for commercial lighting, office lighting and public project lighting:

◆Supermarkets, shops

◆Office rooms, hospital rooms

◆Class rooms, reading rooms

◆Museums & Hotels

◆Airport/train waiting rooms

◆Car parking lots in ground floor;