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Auto Chicken Coop Door

Auto Chicken Coop Door

  • Light source:

  • Power:


  • Input voltage:


  • Color temperature:

  • Beam angle:

  • Appearance size:

  • Aperture size:

  • Texture of material:

    Aluminum + PC

  • Color:


Product introduction

【Roll Door Upgrade App Control Smoothly】Chicken door opener easily programmable with press button or for more advanced settings use App on smartphone. Bluetooth connect the automatic chicken coop door with APP, no login required and is easy to use to program the chicken coop door to your custom settings.
【Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door】Internal battery 4000mAh of auto chicken coop door is not only can powered by solar panel, it can also be charged by USB-DC cable (includes). You can enjoy the convenience of automatic open and close, without worry about weather, power outages or difficult electrical access.
【Timer & Light Sensor】The automatic coop door built-in timer and light sensor modes allow for seamless automation, making it a breeze to set the door to open or close at specific times or preset morning and night. This feature has been especially handy during our trips away from home, ensuring our feathered friends are taken care of even when we can't be there in person.
【Durability & Weatherability】Appreciate the strong and durable materials used in construction of automatic coop doors, including aluminum alloy and AES, making it weather-resistant and reliable even in harsh conditions. It can work in snow, rain and dust from -15°F to 140°F for protects your chickens in all weather conditions.
【Anti-pinch Protection】The chicken coop automatic door’s anti-pinch function adds an extra layer of safety. If the chick is accidentally caught when closing the door, the door will back off for 3 seconds and then pause for 3 seconds. The door will close again after the frightened chicken runs away.
【Various Poultry Auto Chicken Door】Its impressive performance, chicken door opener solar is versatile enough to be used with any chicken coop and with various poultry, including ducks, geese and rabbits, suitable for small poultry that weight is recommended to be under 10 lbs. Its ability to work with any chicken mesh further adds to its practicality.
【Easy to Install】Installing the chicken automatic door was a breeze, taking no more than 10 minutes with the included screws. It’s nice to not worry about opening and closing the door manually now! Great for days that you want to sleep in.
【Convenient & Secure】Its efficient solar-powered design, user-friendly features, and robust construction have significantly improved the security and insulation of our coop. Highly recommend this solar powered chicken door to all chicken enthusiasts - it's a game - changer for stress-free chicken keeping!