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Chicken Coop Heater

Chicken Coop Heater

  • Light source:

  • Power:


  • Input voltage:

    AC100-240V 50/60Hz

  • Color temperature:

  • Beam angle:

  • Appearance size:

  • Aperture size:

  • Texture of material:

    Aluminum + PC

  • Color:


Product introduction

Safe Chicken Coop Pet Heater, Keep Your Poultry Warm All Winter!
Our chicken coop heater adopt overheating protection and constant temperature design, which can avoid scalding chickens or other small pets, and providing comfortable and warm environment to chicken, kitten, puppy and other animals in cold winter.

Benefits of the chicken coop heaters as below:

1.Warmth in Cold Months: Chicken coop heaters provide essential warmth during colder seasons, ensuring the comfort and well-being of your chickens.

2.Enhanced Egg Production: Adequate warmth encourages consistent egg laying by maintaining optimal conditions for egg development.

3.Prevention of Frostbite: Coop heaters help prevent frostbite in chickens by maintaining a suitable temperature, especially for combs and wattles.

4.Stress Reduction: A heated environment reduces stress in chickens, promoting healthier behavior and minimizing negative impacts on productivity.

5.Better Feed Conversion: Comfortable temperatures support efficient feed utilization, contributing to improved growth rates and weight gain.

6.Year-Round Production: With the right warmth, chickens can continue laying eggs and maintaining productivity even in colder months.

7.Economic Savings: Efficient use of heat can lower feed consumption and reduce the risk of health issues, leading to potential cost savings.